Which dating app or dating website is right for me?

12 January, 2022

            Welche Dating-App oder Dating-Website ist für mich geeignet?

We at IMPROVEMYPROFILE are happy to help you find the best dating site and tell you the most important criteria you should look out for.

Your colleague at work found the woman for life on match.com, your acquaintance met Mrs. Right on lovescout24, your cousin met the love of her life on Parship and your boss even met his wife on Tinder. Sounds good, doesn't it? Nowadays - especially after the Corona pandemic - there are hundreds of ways to find love online. And now you're at a point where you'd like to try it out too? But you're asking yourself: Where will I find what I'm looking for, and which dating app or online dating agency is right for me? Most of the time, the first thing people do on the internet is to google: "Which dating online portal suits me", "the best singlebörse of Germany/Switzerland/Austria/America/UK/" or "the best online partner platform". And suddenly thousands of results come up, leaving you completely confused. In Germany alone, there are now around 2600 dating portals. In addition, you can find a steadily growing number of blog posts or service sites that test and evaluate these online dating websites. Websites like Singleboersen-Vergleich or SinglebörsenCheck are two examples of such providers. And they are certainly helpful to compare the number of members, the possibilities of self-expression or the regional orientation of the individual dating platforms. But what is important for you individually? And which dating site is the most suitable for you? We, the profile rescuers of Improvemyprofile, are of the opinion that no service tester can know that exactly, because he has not met you personally! In order to decide whether you are a Parship, ElitePartner or match.com user you might need to know a few things about yourself beforehand. Therefore, a personal consultation or a detailed coaching session is often the key to choosing the most suitable dating agency for you. You are welcome to book a one-hour coaching/consultation session with us on our website and we will discuss a solution together. Therefore, even as a so-called ghostwriting agency or dating profile writer agency, we ask for the most important key data with the help of an interview sheet before the profile is created. If you have not yet registered with a portal, we will be happy to decide together with you, provided you have booked a package with coaching approach, which online dating portal is right for you. Of course, it should also play a role which platform you like in terms of appearance, dating and advertising approach to members. If you want to find out for yourself which dating site is right for you, it's a great advantage that most dating apps and dating websites are free to sign up to and a little browsing is free. Get started and we'll tell you what to look out for:

1. Define your goal - Should it be a flirt or the big love?

If you are looking for a partner for life, you can do without members who are just looking for a little fun. But if you are looking for a hot flirt, you should immediately flee from profiles with a desire for marriage, a house and children. Therefore, it is always good to know what kind of people you will meet on which dating site.

As a guideline, however, the following always applies:
The more expensive the membership fees are on the internet, the more likely there is also the possibility to create a detailed dating profile and the more likely it is to reach someone on these dating portals who is generally serious about finding a partner. The cheaper the online portals offer membership and the more exclusively the photo is in the foreground, the more noncommittal the approach is in most cases. Exceptions prove the rule, because sometimes two people who have lost their way find each other on the "wrong" platform.

Partner platforms for the great love
Germany, Austria Switzerland: Lemon Swan, Parship, eDarling, finya, premiumdates, silbersingles be2, bussi, etc.
UK, America: dating.com eHarmony.com elitesingles.com, plentyoffish.com match, etc.

Dating sites/Apps for the hot flirtation
Tinder, badoo zoosk, bumble, happn etc.

2. Define your budget - Do you want a more upscale price tag or a free quote

Here to write down a descriptive statement about the prices of the various singles exchanges is difficult, because almost all of these dating online exchanges from time to time with special offers, free months, trial week, etc. entice.
Therefore, you do not need to be surprised that often the comparison sites give concrete prices, but these often do not match the same duration with the corresponding partner singles portal.
Therefore, we can only be a guideline regarding the prices. Your individual membership rate will therefore ultimately depend on when you sign up, which term you choose or whether you require in-app purchases.

Partner platforms with higher prices:
Starting from 20 € (special price) and 65€ per month usually with a duration of 12 months
Dating sites with middle price level:
Starting from 9,90 € and 19,90 € per month usually with a duration of 12 months

Dating sites /Apps with free offer

3. Define your level - Do you prefer charming contacts or the offensive pick-up line?

"Hey sweetie, want to have a hot night?" or "Dear Laura, your profile sounds interesting, I would like to know more about you, what you do in your spare time. I look forward to hearing from you!" So now, which approach do you like better?
The first variant is available on dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo and Badoo. You can sign up quickly, sometimes even for free and without obligation with just a few clicks. Accordingly, the proportion of members who are looking for a quick, non-binding adventure is large.
Whereas with Parship or match, eDarling, dating, the members spend at least 59 € and more per month for the dating platform and usually also make an effort to make the detailed personality test and conscientiously fill out their personality profile. Therefore, the seriousness on the way of dating is probably greater here. This can also be seen in the level of text messages.

Dating websites with charming contact
Parship or match, eDarling, dating etc.
Singles apps with offensive pickup lines:
Tinder badoo zoosk etc.

4. Define your criteria when choosing a partner - Do you follow your gut feeling or do you prefer psychologically based matching?

Many online dating comparison sites distinguish between dating sites and singles/contact sites.

With the usual contact exchanges (including Finya, neu.de, datingcafé, etc.) you upload a photo, make a few details about yourself and your profile is ready.
Dating sites (ElitePartner, eDarling, match, dating, be2, parship etc. ) work with the so-called matching algorithm.
On the basis of a psychologically based question test, which you have to go through during registration, your personality profile is created. This is compared with the help of a computer algorithm with all other profiles of the dating online portals and adjusted. This results in a matching score based on which, as promised, suitable partners are then suggested to you. These dating matching tests are well thought out and to be honest we, IMPROVEMYPROFILE, are always amazed at how aptly the dating platforms recognise and portray the personalities of our customers. Whether it's the amount of matching points that matter, or you're more likely to get excited based on a nice photo and interesting personality profile, it's really a matter of opinion! Partner exchanges with psychological matching algorithms:
ElitePartner, eDarling, match, dating, be2, parship

Contact exchanges with fast, uncomplicated registration
Finya , neu.de, datingcafé

5. Define your desire for discretion - photos visible to every member or flickered images?

If you have no worries, nothing to hide and your environment may know that you are looking for a partner, it does not matter if you are recognized directly in the picture. But if you prefer to remain anonymous for the time being, then you should choose the right online dating agency accordingly.
With LemonSwan, for example, you decide individually whether and when someone is allowed to see your photos in plain view.On partner platforms like Parship, e-Darling, match, be2, etc., on the other hand, all paying premium members can see your photos in plain view. If you are only a basic member or a trial member and want to browse a bit, you are visible to the others as a member, but you can only see the pictures of the other participants in a blurred way.

On most dating apps and free dating websites, you openly flirt and everyone can see your photos right away. This isn't a direct disadvantage, because if you're attractive or post a good photo, you'll get your messages that way too. Dating sites with immediately visible pictures for everyone
Finya, tinder, DatingCafé

Partner platforms with blurred images for basic members:
Elite Partner, Parship, E-Darling, be2, match, dating, harmony,
Dating platforms with individual photo sharing:

6. Define your search radius - Are you searching regionally, nationwide (per country), Europe-wide or even worldwide?

South of Lake Constance, the borders of Austria and Switzerland begin. Would you miss the familiar "Servus, guate morga etc...!" or are you indifferent since you don't even think about these things?

If you value such regional things, you should better choose a regional dating site, such as Münchner Singles etc.. Also in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Zurich, Vienna, London, New York or in your respective city you can find. A partner search disadvantage  is unfortunately that the number of members is often smaller and therefore, the selection is smaller.

If you search at a national dating portal like Parship, harmony, match, be2, you can limit your search to your own area. Only you will still be found by singles from all federal states, cantons or states. But you never know! If everything else fits, a few hundred kilometers can be overcome, right?

7. Define your age - Are you still twenty-something, mid-40s or 50+?

Age is a very crucial factor in which singles site you finally choose. The actual online dating for under thirty generation is mostly mobile dating. Most young people are on dating apps like Tinder, Loovoo or Badoo. Signing up is always free, and the flirting tone is pretty casual. You can use your phone's location function to check who's nearby and also have the option of spontaneously going on a date.

Not quite as noncommittal, but no less active flirts and dates the generation of mid-40s and the 50+ generation. Most people at this age already have a marriage or a long-term partnership behind them and now want to know it again and start fresh in love.

Since the baby boomers of 1960, the people who are now over 50, are also increasingly interested in dating sites, there are more and more dating portals that specialize in the so-called Best Ager! 

The popular classic online dating for the over 50s are the platforms 50plusTreff, zweisam, SilberSingles, silversingles, date50, KultivierteSingles, etc. have been added in 2017 and early 2018. But also at the large dating agencies and international dating agencies such as Parship, Elite Partner, Match, harmony, dating, DatingCafe. There, the Best Agers from 50+ are represented in large numbers.

Here, too, the rule of thumb applies: first register in parallel with a large singles exchange and with a niche dating platform for the respective age group. At the singles site where you find the most interesting singles, you will then become a paying dating member.

Dating sites for the generation in their twenties
badoo Tinder zoosk etc.
Partner platforms especially for the 50+ generation
DatingCafé, SilberSingles, silversingles, KultivierteSingles etc.

Now we have hopefully been able to bring you closer as IMPROVEMYPROFILE criteria for choosing the right online dating site. Just jump into the deep end and sign up. If you're still hesitant, no problem, we, your IMPROVEMYPROFILE profile saviors, are happy to help and support you in your search for the right dating portal. Or even help you write your online dating profile. Just book one of our exciting packages, depending on which one suits your needs best. Or simply get in touch with us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

A little tip on the side: We advise you to set up a neutral email address for online dating. Especially in the beginning, this makes a lot of sense, because you will be overwhelmed with emails from different providers. Besides, you don't want to give unknown people access to your real name.