30 September, 2022


When you are in love, it is one of the most wonderful and beautiful feelings you can experience as a human being. Everyone feels differently about falling in love, yet there are common thoughts and feelings among all people that let you know when the time has come.

For example, if you can't get that one person out of your mind, this is a clear indication of being in love. But such indications can also be somewhat more hidden. Whatever the signs, there's no doubt that falling in love is complicated in today's tangled dating landscape.

These 9 signs will help you better recognize if you're about to have a thousand butterflies in your stomach:

1. You can't stop staring at him/her

One of the clearest signs that you're in love is that you get lost in the other person's eyes. Here's the thing: When you look at the person you're in love with, you see not only his or her outward appearance, but possibly their future together, or at least imagine it. For example, have you ever seen with how much love a mother looks at her baby? You will look at your love partner with the same look of love.

2. You adjust your daily activities

When you enjoy spending your time with that one particular person, the reward system in your brain increases your motivation to want to spend even more time with that person and to feel even more longing for that person. You might also think about how you could spend even more time together. If you pick up on each other's interests and get involved, this can intensify the fledgling bond between you even more. Example: you can't stand salsa, but because your partner does, you sign up for a salsa class because it makes you feel closer. It also gives you a chance to have another common topic of conversation and thus get closer.

3. You don't mind if she/he does something disagreeable.

The strength of love, especially newfound love, is simple. This means that you don't mind if the person you've fallen in love with does something that you might find actually unattractive. Be it being messy or leaving the toilet seat up. But maybe you don't notice it at all. Love can be extremely powerful and come with the loss of all inhibitions. Imagine parents who love their baby or child no matter how much he got dirty playing or how much he deprived them of sleep.

4. Time together flies by

If you're in love with someone, there's a good chance that the time you spend together with that person will pass very quickly. This is usually also the case when we do something that we enjoy a lot.

5. The rose-colored glasses

When you are in love, it can distort your sense of reality and you probably have a slightly different idea of who he or she is. If you normally tend to criticize the behavior or expressions in someone, but you love your partner exactly for that, because in your eyes he or she can do no wrong. When you are in love, you see only the positive. It is the adoration of the person on whom all your feelings are directed.

6. You are in an unusually good mood

Being in love means that everything in your life feels light, buoyant and wonderful. As a rule, you just feel more energetic all the time and hardly know hunger pangs. This is due to dopamine surges you get from your body when you think about your partner. These thoughts of anticipation help relieve feelings of stress, so looking forward to being with your new lover boosts your mental health and always makes you feel wonderful.

7. You want to touch and kiss the person

This factor may also seem very clear. But the reason why you want to constantly touch and kiss someone you've fallen in love with is much more deeply rooted than you might think. When you touch the person, you've fallen in love with, the love hormone oxytocin is released, which automatically makes you feel happy and increases the bonding feelings between the two of you.

8. You always think about her/him

When you are in love, you trust your feelings for that person completely. With this devotion, we connect in a certain way with this person and occupy ourselves with him so much that he dominates our thoughts. This is also partly due to the hormone oxytocin, which is also released in the brain during sex, among other things. It can influence emotions and social bonds, and all of this leads to feeling closer to that person and developing feelings of love.

9. You want the other person to be happy

When you start to fall in love with someone, you may feel more selfless than before.


Thus, we now also know that not only does first love hold an impressive place in our hearts, but the heartbreak associated with it can evoke far stronger lasting emotions. Heartbreak is a strong and for the moment hardly bearable emotional state - simply, indescribably painful on an emotional level. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this kind of pain yet.

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