30 September, 2022

            DAS GLÜCKS-REZEPT?

Every person has a personal happiness formula - only breaking it down is a challenge. If you were to summarize all the findings of happiness research, you would come up with a few recommendations - to be able to experience happiness even more intensively.

The enjoyment of the moment

The full concentration on the here and now, but at the same time not letting oneself be distracted mentally, creates a so-called flow (=feeling of being completely absorbed in an activity) and thus supposedly also happiness.

Top priority - having and maintaining relationships with other people

People usually feel intensely happy when they spend time together with other people. Friendship, companionship, camaraderie and love are the best means of experiencing happiness, even in today's age of individualism.

Concentration on the essentials

For very many people in Western industrialized countries, today's possibilities for shaping one's own life are almost unlimited - immediate satisfaction of needs is always guaranteed. The addiction to hedonism turns into the opposite, the so-called anhedonia. Anhedonia is the inability to feel joy. Therefore, the solution is not to always consume indiscriminately, but to always try to focus on the essentials in life and to avoid the constant sprinkling and oversaturation.

Challenges at work and during leisure time

Exploiting one's own talents and abilities leads to the so-called flow. This is because being proud of one's own achievements increases self-esteem.

Acting helps

A good example I our laughter. When we smile, it changes our mood, regardless of whether we are genuinely smiling or not. A happiness researcher named David Myers once quoted, "Going through the motions triggers the emotions."

Serenity is the best exercise

You can't force happiness. Being able to do without and not constantly seeing yourself as the navel of the world also leads to greater happiness.


Every person can make a great contribution to their own happiness. The will is the only means to success! Do you have any questions about happiness, dating & flirting or about our Improve-My-Profile product offers? Inform yourself at any time free of charge and without obligation in our online chat or simply write us an email.

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