Tips for the first date, so that you also find their love online

10 December, 2021

            Tipps für das erste Date, damit Sie auch online ihre Liebe finden

Congratulations! You've landed your first date. Now the nervousness is even more intense. Here are some online dating tips that’ll will help you have a date without any obstacles.

1. What kind of styling?

  • Dress attractively, yet casually, because there's nothing more inappropriate than showing up to a date overdressed.
  • Men should at least dress like they've put some thought into the upcoming date, so they show up showered and withwearing a nice shirt.  
  • Women should keep their makeup and hair naturally subtle. Most men find inconspicuous beauty much more attractive than a dressed up model.


2. What kind of meeting place? 

  • Always arrange to go for a walk or a drink first - if you like each other, there's nothing to stop you spontaneously having a meal together. Going out to eat is exhausting. Eating while trying to get to know someone is difficult. Often, you also have thoughts like: What should I do if I spill a glass? Or imagining going to the bathroom after 30 minutes and realizing you have food in your teeth everywhere.

3. What to look for in the type of dating conversation?

  • Always remember: a good conversation also requires listening. Studies show that men dominate a conversation with women 75% of the time. Many of our female clients complain that their dating partners don'’t ask enough questions and it seems like there is no interest.
  • Ask questions and wait patiently for the answers. This way you don'’t run the risk of talking endlessly about yourself.
  • Try to make the conversation positive and entertaining. Avoid revealing too much personal information. Don'’t answer questions about your ex-partner or past relationships. Above all, avoid making anyone look bad. Answer these questions, if they come up, in a short and snappy way, so as not to lapse into a kind of therapy talk and give the impression that you haven'’t gotten over your ex.
  • Avoid political, religious, and general ideological topics.
  • Talk is silver. Silence is gold

  • If you hit it off and the conversation is a no-brainer, that's often the surest way to a second date.

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