6 truths about love relationships that no one likes to say!

30 September, 2022

            6 Wahrheiten über Liebesbeziehungen, die keiner gerne ausspricht!

Definitely, love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, but equally, love in terms of relationships also has its dark sides.

Having a partner in life with whom we can share everything. Who always has an open ear and gives us support and strength. Someone who needs us and with whom we are also sexually a well-rehearsed team. Most people immediately think of reasons why they would rather live in a relationship than spend their time as a single person. But there are also some who tend to idealize partnerships and hide their not so nice sides. What can become a big problem, because usually sooner or later the rude awakening comes and the relationship ails or breaks up. But not because of a lack of affection for each other, but mostly because of excessive demands and expectations.

To prevent this from happening, we have collected 6 sober truths about partnerships that are usually difficult or impossible to recognize - and which happy couples have long since accepted.


6 truths that no one in a committed relationship likes to say

1. Your partner is not responsible for your personal happiness.

Remember: Relationships are not a cure for dissatisfaction! If you believe that a partner is the fulfillment for your own happiness and that your life only gets meaning through him, you are seriously mistaken, and you are going on a never-ending search. To be at peace with oneself, but also to be satisfied with oneself, is a lifelong task, in which the life partner can accompany us, but cannot take over the search and finding of it.


2 What one is willing to give in a relationship, usually comes back

Simply letting yourself fall, be pampered and loved does not correspond to the whole truth. Partnerships always consist of give and take. Only those who are willing to give a lot of time, love, affection and understanding will usually get something back. Attention: no guarantee!

3. Relationship means to be able to do without

Sleeping late, traveling a lot, simply emigrating or flirting with the bartender in the club. As a single you can do what you like, but in a relationship, you should always take into account. This does not necessarily mean a narrowing of the circumstances, but every partnership requires a certain willingness to compromise, as well as often a certain loss of his flexibility.

4.Nobody is perfect

No one is Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, and so even the life partner at your side will have quirks that drive you crazy. There is only one solution to this: practice acceptance!


5. Love changes constantly

The infatuation phase with rose-colored glasses is the most beautiful and you don't want to be without your sweetheart (the new great love) for a second. But after a certain time we wish for more personal space again. The way we feel about someone changes over the course of a relationship. That is as certain as the Amen in the church. If you want a lasting partnership on cloud nine, you probably have little choice but to change your so-called love partner every few months.


6. Forgiveness is an important virtue

In the course of the time of a relationship, marriage or partnership the contact with each other changes. One is no longer as anxious as in the beginning to do everything right, or to still ensnare the other, and a more complacent behavior has become everyday life. But because your significant other is (at least) as fallible as you are, you therefore sometimes react carelessly and insensitively, and can thus offend and hurt your partner.


Relationships are something wonderful, exhilarating and at the same time beautiful and sociable. Nevertheless, one should always be aware that a healthy relationship has nothing to do with happiness, but that this also means work on oneself and together. Values such as willingness to compromise, renunciation, affection, insight and trust are particularly important.

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