Women new to the online dating plattforms

12 January, 2022

            Frauen als Neuling auf den Online-Dating-Platformen


Are you a woman and new to the online dating scene? Then this is the article for you. 

Whether you're a newbie or trying online dating for the first time, you'll quickly find out that it can be tough out there!

Just like in real life, there are many black sheep in the online dating market and even more scammers and con artists.

But bBefore you get discouraged, let me tell you that there are fantastic men out there too. It just takes some time to distinguish the good ones from the ones that don't suit you. 

Here's a list of possible warning signs to look out for if you're still fresh and inexperienced in online dating:


1. Disclose private contact information?

If you're chatting with someone and they ask for your phone number because they'd like to message you on a social network, don't do it and keep your distance.  This is a door opener for a potential stalker. Because based on your phone number, they can track down some information about you on the net. It also leaves you at the mercy of the all-too-familiar obscene pictures that the stranger may now be able to easily send to you. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to get to know the other person before giving out sensitive data.


2. Avoid profiles that are negative

If the dating profile is predominantly negative, i.e. writes or talks about what they DON'T want instead of what they really WANT, then ignore, block the profile or swipe left. Remember: If someone is already so negative and therefore unappealing online, what is he like in "real" life?


3. Avoid irregular contact

If you message someone and they don't reply and the profile may disappear online because the writer is on hiatus, they’re are definitely not for you. Even if he contacts you later in the week or even in a few weeks, we wouldn’t not recommend this candidate to you. In fact, we would recommend you delete him as a potential match. Most likely, he's not taking his online dating site membership very seriously and is just looking for a little variety.




4. Do not open foreign files or links

If someone sends you a file or link, don't click on it. It's a trap and an easy way to hack into your computer. You should delete this person as a contact or match immediately.


5. Avoid people without a photo 

Don't contact people without a photo or with a blurry picture. Most likely, these online dating members are married or in a relationship and want to avoid being recognized online.


6. Refusal when asked for a personal meeting

If you've been texting back and forth intensely for more than a day or two, ask to set up a day and time to meet in person. If the person declines, you can delete the contact immediately. The other person is probably married or in a relationship and just wants attention online to boost their ego.


7. Gut feeling says no!

If you feel uncomfortable with the person you're chatting with online, imagine what it would be like when you meet in person. Delete or block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe in any way. Your gut is usually a very good guide!


8. Well chosen meeting place

When you go out on a date, please choose a public and busy place. Drive your car to the meeting place, then park it around the corner and NEVER allow your date to pick you up or drive you home on the first date. NEVER. Also, inform a trusted person about your meeting and agree on a course of action - such as calling after a certain amount of time - in case you want to end the date early.


Do a few of the above things apply to you, or maybe all of them? Then don't stop online dating just yet. Since you've just emerged into online dating heaven, you're perceived as "fresh meat". Wait at least a couple of weeks before you really evaluate any results conclusively.


Point of View:
Online dating is a much faster version of the selection process than the one we go through in real life. In the beginning, you may feel like you're dealing - seemingly - only with jerks and rascals. But remember, behind a few "dolts" is a charming man waiting to discover you.


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