How to take the perfect profile picture

12 January, 2022

            Wie man das perfekte Profilbild aufnimmt

The perfect online dating profile picture

Your photos are the most important part of your online profile. Having the near perfect profile picture is significant, we can't stress that enough. Having bad or awkward photos on your online dating profile is like going out on the town with a plastic bag over your head.
No matter what else you do, but you're not going to get dates with inappropriate pictures.
Classic examples of less than perfect profile pictures are described very clearly in our handouts, which are sent with every purchased package. There are a lot of unfavourable pictures, such as would-be selfies, people photographed with sunglasses, in erotic poses or pictures with luxury car bodies, motor or sail boats or a wardrobe full of designer bags etc. A clear no!
Having a hard time deciding which photos to include in your profile?

Here's a short list of tips to help you get the best online picture:


1. Smile

Recent studies have shown that the first picture in your profile is very important. Men who look into the camera with their mouths closed and women who are slightly turned away from the camera with an open smile have the greatest success when looking for a partner on the Internet.


2. Do not wear a hat or sunglasses

Unfortunately, wearing a hat and sunglasses doesn't increase your coolness factor; rather, the other online dating members will wonder what you have to hide.


3. No selfies

Please do not use them. Instead, ask a friend or family member to take a few photos of you. Men should definitely avoid the bare-chested selfies at the gym, as they do them more harm than good.


4. Add a photo of you having fun

Just make sure it's not the first photo you see, and make sure it's of you doing one of your favorite things, like biking, cooking, climbing, etc.


5. No outdated images

Don't post a photo of yourself ten years younger or weighing twenty pounds less. That might get you the first date, but if you're not open and honest, it's 100% not going to go anywhere. Always accept who you are and where you stand.

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