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Are you tired of facing these questions or statements all the time:

Why am I not receiving responses or proactive inquiries to my dating profile? Why do acquaintances and friends always find partners more easily than I do and are happier? Why do others receive more requests or responses? Why won't anyone answer me? Will I ever be able to make a date online with my profile? How can I tell that someone is interested? Are the pictures on my profile appropriate or should I rather change them? Is my written profile written interesting for others? Is it because of my profile the reason that I'm not getting any letters? How can I put my person into words for others? I get hits, but most don't contact me, don't reply when I contact them, or they delete me. Why? I'm tired of putting so much effort into online dating without being rewarded for it. The wrong people contact me all the time, and the right people never reply. I find it so difficult to write anything about myself, my profile doesn't do me justice. I'm new to online dating and have no idea where to start.

And you know this too:

When it does happen that you receive a notification or a new match - then a wave of excitement overtakes you and you get nervous. Suddenly you think: I’ve to send the "perfect" message - otherwise I'll lose the chance of this date! You have composed a message, you have exchanged with your counterpart and now you are already thinking about the first possible date. Where will we go out? Definitely it should be something special! Ten minutes later... No answer! And you say to yourself, he/she is so busy or has no time right now. Even though hours later there's still no reply, you say to yourself, maybe he/she didn't get my last message? Maybe it was not sent?

We all know how this ends. We've all been there.
And so have you. So many times.

Our profile optimization

Packages for your dating portal

Our profile optimization

Packages for your dating portal


Did you know that an estimated 60% of online daters have used a professional service to perfect their profile?
Or that the ratio of men to women on certain websites is completely unbalanced?
Did you know that 65% of online dating success depends solely on your photo selection?
The competition on online dating portals or online dating apps is huge. It's now time for you to be on the winning side and achieve success yourself! Start your journey with us now, on the way to dating bliss!

For these dating-websites & dating-apps and many more, we optimize your online profile

If we raise your profile, you can be sure that ...

... you no longer have to make blanks when trying to write the perfect profile.

... you don't have to spend hours writing and editing your profile, only to have no improvement in your matches.

... you won't waste any more time looking through your own photo collection and wondering which pictures look best.

... using filters and photo editing apps are no longer hurdles for you.

And all this before you have even found a partner. After all, it costs so much time and effort that you can use more wisely.

To the packages
This is your chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the Dating-Profile-Make-Over of your lifetime. And we help you to pimp your profile.

Gain valuable time

by making a small investment with us and receive, depending on the package:

A classic newspaper ad

There are also still people for whom classic online dating or modern dating apps are not purposeful, which is why creating an online dating profile is not a successful investment.

But this group of people also wants to meet a partner for life, the great love with whom you can go through thick and thin and enjoy the most beautiful moments together. But how, when online dating portals are not an option and traditional dating agencies are often too cost-intensive?

Then a LONELY HEART ADVERTISEMENT in a classic newspaper would be the perfect idea.


A classic newspaper ad in a widely read and seen newspaper in the classifieds section "Marriages and Acquaintances". It may sound a bit old-fashioned at first, but this way is trendy again. There are thousands of local, national and international newspapers that place acquaintance ads and have a separate section for it. But there are also many (online) newspapers that you can contact.

As a private person, these ads are usually inexpensive and sometimes even free.

But what to do if you do not know how to write such an ad and what matters? Most often, the following questions arise:

How do I write a dating personal ad about myself?

What do I have to pay attention to?

Who do I want to address?

And how do I arouse the desire and interest to answer me?

Consider: A newspaper ad for dating is a classic way to reach a large audience with a written message. It's certainly worth the effort, even if you have to fight your way through responses and separate the wheat from the chaff. But it's fun, and you still have the reigns in your hands and can decide who you answer and who you don't.

That's why it's easy, uncomplicated and inexpensive to have a personalized, professional personal ad written by a professional. An Improvemyprofile specialist who focuses on writing ads for partner seekers and thus really reaches your dream partner.

Dare to experiment and become your own matchmaker with the help of an Improve-My-AD from Improve-My-Profile.

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If your newspaper contact ad was successful, you will often receive many inquiries from interested parties. Answer the ones that interest you, flirt, and set up a first date. If you need support in dating or simply advice on the overall situation, you can also book a personal 1:1 coaching with us. Our professionals can certainly help you.

Coaching package


30 September, 2022


30 September, 2022


30 September, 2022