That's how it all began…

After experiencing the rollercoaster ride of online dating myself and then establishing my own offline dating agency ten years ago, which was initially run in the traditional way, the fascination of ONLINE DATING never quite left me. This method and the hype surrounding it still move me today, as IMPROVEMYPROLE now shows. So I decided not to launch another dating app or online exchange on the market, but to create a platform that provides a remedy for the classic online dating problems, such as writing profiles.I would also like to help many people indirectly to find the great love despite distance.

To the dating agency

Many of my dating agency clients, who are not necessarily dating agency clients but primarily come to me for counseling or coaching, have told me that they have tried online dating without much success and would prefer to quit in frustration. Now, if you read the following testimonials from my clients, you can probably relate to these problems in the best way possible: No matches, no responses or messages from other online daters, and if so, only from people you don't consider a match. Not to mention those forgettable disastrous or awkward dates. And at some point I said to myself, enough is enough!, I want to find a simple way to remedy these problems and help people out of this frustration. And so I decided to put all my years of knowledge about dating (both online and offline), dating profile writing, my diverse professional experience as a former headhunter and resume reviewer, and the marketing skills I had already accumulated to good use. My initial goal was to help various existing clients of become more successful at flirting and attracting attention using their dating profiles. It didn't take long for encouraging results to emerge: better dating experiences and higher quality meetings with the kind of people they were looking for. For some, this meant "marriage material" or for the romantics, finding "the one." Even those who were looking for something more casual had more success because I matched them with like-minded people instead of them having to have awkward conversations or go on dates only to find that their date was looking for something more serious.



From my own professional experience, as a former headhunter and still today successful offline matchmaker of the CS partner agency, I know how important a good profile is. Half-hearted profile attempts also lead to significantly fewer matches, messages and dates. There is huge competition in the online dating market, so you’ve to sell your best personal qualities in an interesting way without coming across as arrogant and aloof. This, of course, is a special art within itself. Therefore, I crafted my clients' initial profile attempts with all my knowledge and qualifications to their liking, only to sit back after uploading them to the dating site and watch the results roll in. Results mean: Likes, messages, winks, dating offers, etc. I was the online dating expert, so to speak - the acquisition queen of online dating portals and the profile enhancer queen of dating apps.

Experiencing the overwhelming success of my clients led me to consider helping more people make their journey through the minefield of online dating more enjoyable and purposeful.

I started IMPROVEMYPROFILE PLATFORM profile saviors with my online dating profile service in 2021. Since then, there have hopefully already been more weddings, numerous babies and more happy dates than Casanova could ever claim. Real success is the most beautiful thing in the world - especially when you bring it to other people. Don't read the usual blah-blah on online dating sites anymore.

At the same time, I'm trying to put together the best and most talented dating profile writing agency in the world: a group of people who embody what I hope to contribute to the world of dating. Our passion is to help people find their dream date. Our mission is to help our clients recognize and celebrate their uniqueness while providing expert guidance to demystify the complexities of online dating.

Our revolution to rid the world of the misery of online dating continues to thrive, and we're here to help people (just like you) find love, dating success, or whatever it is you're looking for.