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Unique single dating coaching in the form of online sessions 

The modern tutoring for love and the way to happiness

Are you ready to go deep? CS is a professional life coach specializing in dating and relationships. 

CS is perceptive, quick, intuitive, and honest. A session with her will help you discover what habits, patterns and thought processes are keeping the potential you at bay.

If you're ready to undergo an honest self-examination and learn how to make your dating experience more positive, a session with Christine Stegmann or another Profile Savers expert is for you. 

During this one-hour session, we'll help you figure out what works and what doesn't. We understand the psychology of dating and you'll be ready to take the dating world by storm!


Additional materials:

  • Step by step process description

  • Interview sheets


Three single dating coachings in the form of online sessions 

The modern tutoring for love and the way to happiness. For singles who want to learn more.


Imagine you book one of our intensive packages and we show you in a three-hour one-on-one session how to flirt successfully on online platforms and what makes you a master of dating. 

  • What is the best way to write to a selected person?
  • When do I answer ?
  • How do I get a continuous chat flow?
  • How do I date?
  • What questions could I ask a person I am interested in?
  • When may I ask for the telephone number?
  • What details of my life are important to the other person?
  • What are the no-go's of the first small talk?
  • How do I attract the interest of my counterpart without seeming pushy?


What happens after you have managed to convince the lady or gentleman of your choice? 

  • Which location is suitable for a first date?
  • How do I act on a date?
  • What are no-go's during a first meetings?
  • How do I make myself interesting and stay that way?
  • How can I establish natural communication - before, during and after the date?
  • How do I possibly get intimate later without seeming pushy?


We’re are happy to help you and show you in small steps how you can achieve your goals. 

There are not only many questions, but also desires and goals that you would like to achieve with the help of a flirt coach, such as: to find a partner, possibly win back the ex-girlfriend, but maybe just to arrive successfully at women, courage to talk directly with women, improve communication skills regarding women and much more. You decide what is important for you as the content of a coaching.

The flirt coaching of the ProfilretterProfile Saver experts can help you to achieve your wishes regarding women or men and dates more successfully. We also help you break through your blocks and learn more self-esteem and know-how for a healthy relationship initiation. Buy the package today and make your first appointment with us. 


Additional Materials:

  • Step by step process description

  • Interview sheets